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WoW: Patch 4.3 - Hour of Twilight: Dragon Soul Overview!

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Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight

Hey everyone. This is a comprehensive overview of Patch 4.3 and all its major changes. Patch 4.3 should release November 29th.

First up we have Looking For Raid which is similar to the current dungeon finder except for raids. Just click the raid icon helm on your bar and open up the Raid Finder. From their just click Find Group and sit in the queue. The queue on the test realm was pretty fast and expect to see similar 10-15 minute queue times on live realms during most common play hours of the day.

If you're worried about loot getting jacked, the system is pretty strick and gives preference to the spec you joined the raid finder as. So, even if you change specs, you'll be using your original join spec for rolls. The current reward for completing the raid finder is 250 Valor Points. Gear wise you can expect higher than heroics but lower than normal mode for a group you actually assemble.

Patch 4.3 will also bring in three new dungeons with a similar experience to Icecrown Citadel. Remember when you had to do the three dungeons in order while doing the questline to unlock the next in the dungeon finder back in ICC, it's pretty much the same.

As for Deathwing, you'll be able to find him in Dragon Soul and it should be easier than ever for all players to eventually battle him since "Looking For Raid" is being introduced with a lower difficulty level. This raid will wrapup the story with Deathwing but who knows if it'll be the last we see of him.

We also can't forget that with every epic patch, we've gotten the introduction of a new legendary and this time it'll be the Fangs of the Father. Rogues are extremely happy and who can blame them after seeing these badass daggers. The quest-line is sure to be legendary.

Also, being added is Void Storage. Basically it's an 80 slot long-term storage space that hold all the items you use to delete that cluttered up your bank. Oldschool sets, unique quest rewards, gifts from friends, and other valuable items like vanity items from Archaeology and the like.

It may cost a fee to unlock the storage and on the test realm it was 100g. Things can change though. To add items you just put them in the Deposit slot and click transfer. There is also a fee to add the items but again, I don't know what it'll be on live servers but on the PTR it was 25g each.

To withdraw the items you just put them in the withdraw slot and click transfer. Simple enough and withdrawing is free. Just some heads up, if you have any enchancements to the item like gems or enchants it will strip them. It'll also strip the two-hour sell back window for items you bought from a vendor so be careful.

Void Storage also goes hand and hand with Transmogrification since now that you'll have space for oldschool items. Great idea on Blizzard's part to release them together. To transmogrify your items, just hold alt while hovering over a slot like you would to change your gear and pick what item you want to go in that slot. I'm changing my PvP gear to look like my PvE gear. Pretty lame but you get the idea. It'll cost a fee to change it and again not sure what that'll be but on the PTR it was about 228g for 8 items. Check my channel for the new Tier 13 preview that includes all prior sets as well so you can see what your guy might look like with Tier 1 or whatever.

We also have a new Darkmoon Faire being added and it's pretty sick with a lot of carnie game dailys and other fun stuff to do. You can get pets and mounts as rewards so great for any collector. Especially, if you're looking to do so before Mists of Pandaria releases around the end of next year. I have a whole video going into to extreme detail about the Darkmoon Faire so check that out on my channel.

Well, there you have it. A nice overview of the big additions coming in Patch 4.3. Check my channel for other vids on Patch 4.3 including a stockup and dump list and my website for the full list and Patch notes.

Thanks for watching and if you haven't yet, please subscribe!

"Now go tell me what you plan to do first when Patch 4.3 releases!"

I'll be raking in some flow on the Auction House while messing around with the new PvP gear.