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Addons EP.9 - TradeSkillMaster (TSM) Addon Guide Part 2: Mailing for MoP Gold Making!

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Addons EP.9 - TradeSkillMaster (TSM) Addon Guide Part 2: Mailing for MoP Gold Making!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new tutorial for the auction house addon Trade Skill Master. This is part two - Setting Up Mailing!

To get started you'll want to watch part one if you haven't yet. TradeSkillMaster (TSM) Addon Guide Part 1

In this video I'll cover the Mailing Options sections. Click the letter at the top to access it.

I first check the 'Auto Recheck Mail' box which automatically rechecks my mail every 60 seconds when my mail box is full and I'm auto looting it.

I leave the 'Don't Display Money Received' box unchecked since I like that and I don't check the 'Send Items Individually' because I think that's dumb. Not sure how that would ever be useful but maybe someone can enlighten me.

Next, I check the 'Automatically Restart AutoMail' box and put the send delay to two and restart delay at 30 seconds. If you're looting a full mailbox of 50 then one minute is a bit better.

One of my favorite options is though is 'AutoMail Greens for Disenchanting' which I check and set the target next to it to my Enchanter. I use this all the time for disenchanting greens and this is a great, automatic way to manage it.

To set up a target player, add them by typing their name in the box and hitting 'Enter' on your keyboard. Just don't mistype this or might send your items off to someone else.

Next, click the name you just added and with the items in your bag, add which ones you want to send to that player. by selecting them from the left and clicking the add button in the middle. I want to send my alt all the Ghost Iron Ore for prospecting so I add that. This is great when you want to buy everything on one character and distribute to others or if you want to send off gathering mats from your gatherers quickly after a farming session.

With everything set, we can click the 'Auto-Mail' button at the top of our mailbox pane, click the 'Open All' button at the bottom, and go afk to let it auto loot our mail and auto send everything off. Pretty awesome stuff and a huge time saver making this a must have and use option in TSM. It's not perfect though and can bug out a bit sometimes but it's far better than doing everything manually.

Well there you have it. A great way to easily be organized in WoW and cut down on a lot of the time wasted shifting mats and items across characters.

TradeSkillMaster is a huge addon and can be overwhelming or have parts downright useless to most players so I'm breaking it apart into different videos and will see you in the next one.

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"Now Go AH or Something!"