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Addons EP.8 - Routes (Map Drawing) Guide: How to Setup Routes for Mining & Herbalism!

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Addons EP.8 - Routes (Map Drawing) Addon Guide: How to Setup Routes for Mining & Herbalism!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new tutorial for the Routes Addon.

To get started you'll need to get the Routes addon from,, or wherever you get your addons from.

Once you have it downloaded and installed, log in and open up the addon by typing /routes.

On the main screen you have default settings in the Map Drawing area that you can set or leave as they are. I have mine setup like this but you can always change the settings for each individual route.

Next is the Auto show/hide section. Check the box at the top to enable everything and select which tracking you want to show at what times. I never show fishing, gas, treasure, Archaeology, or notes but I use Herbalism and Mining while I'm tracking them through the mini-map icon.

The next pane is for Waypoints using the addon TomTom or Cartographer. I never use way points for gathering but you can try it out to see if you like it.

After that we can create our own custom route by clicking the 'Add' section. First give your route a name. I'll use Mining full and select the zone for the Jade Forest. I then click 'Create Bare Route' since I'll be manually creating this first route.

Once you click that scroll down to the Jade Forest zone under Routes in the left navigation. Then click the 'plus sign' to open the zone's routes and select the one you just created. From there click the 'Line Settings' tab and pick a line color. I'll go with yellow. Next make sure 'Hide Route' isn't checked so you can actually see the route. I'm happy with the width of all the lines so I won't mess with those.

Since this is a bare route we won't use the 'Optimize Route' tab just yet. Here is what the route looks like so far. Just a triangle that we need to edit in the 'Edit Route Manually' tab. From there we left-click and hold the circular points while dragging them to where we want. We then open up the routes addon by typing /routes once again and save the route. Now we're good to go with that route.

If you want to completely avoid a section of the route you can make a taboo section by scrolling down the navigation on the left of the addon screen to 'Taboos'. Then, name the taboo and select the zone. Finally, create it by clicking the button.

Once it's created selected from the left nav in the taboo section and edit it to fit the section you want to avoid. Next, go back to the route you created for the Jade Forest or whatever zone earlier and under the 'Taboo' tab check the box and watch that section of the route disappear while the route automatically connect the nearest points.

Alright that's how you do a manual route which is what I do for all my gathering gold making and leveling videos but what if you just want the addon to do all the work for you. Select the 'Add' route section on the left in nav and name your route and select a zone once again. This time though scroll down to the data sections and check the boxes for all the Mining ones you want to include in your route. If you're doing only herbs you can select those instead or if you're doing both Mining and Herbalism select them all. You'll need a gathering addon for this and I use GatherMate. You won't have anything here if you haven't done any gathering yet so you need to farm up some mats the zone first before creating a route or use my custom routes:

Next, click the 'Create Route' button. When you create it, it probably will look like a complete mess of lines and don't worry we'll fix those. Scroll through nav on the left to the route you just created. We called ours Mining auto and for it we'll change the color to a red and leave the other settings. Then, we go to the 'Optimize Route' tab and use the 'Cluster' button to make this route more reasonable. At a setting of 103 it doesn't do much and 10 would be worse so we'll do 200 which seems to help out but the route is still pretty rediculous. This is where checking 'Extra Optimization' and then clicking the 'Foreground' button comes in handy. If your computer sucks or isn't that great you might only be able to do the 'Background' button which is fine too. Just do it in an unpopulated area. Orgrimmar or Stormwind or any highly populated area of players or mobs could cause a disconnect.

After optimizing the red route here is what it looks like and as you can see it's a ton better and actually understandable and you can really follow it.

The Routes addon isn't that complicated and after you make a few routes of your own you'll be a pro. If you do happen to have any other questions the 'Help File' section in the left nav can answer just about anything.

Well, thanks for watching and if you haven't yet please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and share this video.

"Now Go Route Your Way to Mad Profits or Something!"