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Addons EP.7: TradeSkillMaster (TSM) Addon Guide: Breaking Down its Complexity!

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Addons EP.7: TradeSkillMaster (TSM) Addon Guide: Breaking Down its Complexity for MoP Gold Making!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new tutorial for the auction house addon Trade Skill Master. This is part one - Setting Up Groups & Posting!

To get started you'll need to grab the TradeSkillMaster addon and all of its sub addons from Curse ( or wherever you download your addons from. The main purpose of this addon is to make auctioning easier and more efficient.

Once you have it installed, log in and open up the addon by typing /tsm.

Auctioning Groups/Options

Next, click the coin at the top for Auctioning Groups/Options. I'm going over this section first because most players are likely to use it over anything else.

With Options selected on the left nav the first tab is General in the main pane. For this things are simple and you can leave them on the defaults or change them around if you like. Next is the Whitelist tab. Here you add friends or players you don't want to undercut. Then we have the blacklist. Use this to target competitors you want to undercut no matter what the threshold is on the item. Last up for Options is the profiles tab. This can be helpful if you want different chars to follow different rules. Even if that's not the case it's always good to set a profile. I'll name mine Tarou. Took a lot of thinking to come with that name.

Next up we have Categories / Groups. First, you'll want to setup the Auction Defaults tab. This will be your standard options for everything. Don't worry you can change the options for each group you make later on. I like to ignore stacks under 1 or stacks over a 1000 and the duration less than 30 minutes. I put the post time to 12 hours, cap to 4, and per auction at 1. Undercut to 1 silver with bid percent to 95%. For the threshold or minimum price setting and max price or fallback I leave them alone because they will be set for each group. Too many factors to set them here. However, I will set the max price percent to 150% since I don't change that. Last is the reset settings but I don't mess with them and for the majority of players, you don't need them.

With all that set, time to actually create a Group. Click the tab and make a group name. I'll call my group Contender's and once created it will automatically add the items with a similar name. If I wanted to add extra items I just select them by left clicking them in the left list or by searching the name and adding them. You can remove them the same way.

Next up we change the group overrides to fit our items. Right click on anything you want to change. I'll right click those price settings I talked about before and set the threshold to above the disenchant mat price and put the fallback at something reasonable. No need to change anymore so we can move on to other items if we wanted.

In Management you can change the name of the group, delete it, export, or create a shopping list.

If that's too complicated they've now even added a wizard with a built in tutorial to help you. Just follow the instructions and you'll have a group setup in no time.

This might seem time consuming but it's really not and will save you a ton of time in the long run. Here watch. We close up TSM and open the AH.

Then click the TSM tab or use the TSM seperate Auction House pane and hit Post Auctions. It'll scan through and let you know the info for each item. Click Post on the bottom and let the addon automatically use your settings you set in the group's options. You do have to click post for each item. Back in the day it was fully automatic. Yeah, that got nerfed like just about everything else. Anyways, clicking isn't that bad.

This TSM pane can also do other things like scan the AH and display the total value of your auctions.

Well grats on learning the most important part of TradeSkillMaster. The addon is huge and can be overwhelming or have parts downright useless to most players so I'm breaking it apart into different videos.

Thanks for watching and if you haven't yet please subscribe to my YouTube channel, for more free guides.

"Now Go AH or Something!"